Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday, I went on an adventure with Lillie and Brendan to Saqqara, which is about 30 km south of Cairo. The town is well-known for two reasons: it has one of the oldest pyramids in all of Egypt and, more importantly to almost everyone in Egypt, there's a relatively new Egyptian beer that's named after it--Sakara.

Truth be told, none of us really cared about seeing Saqqara's main attraction: the step-pyramid of Djoser. We mainly wanted to just go out on an adventure. So, after I woke up at a reasonable 11 AM, we headed out with a vague plan of getting to Saqqara. Four microbuses and one juice stand later, we made it to the entrance of the pyramid complex. There were no more buses to take us the last kilometer so we had to walk the last bit. Instead of taking the road which seemed to loop around the hill sand, we thought it would be smarter to cut across the desert. A "security guard" saw us and came out of his shack to tell us that we weren't allowed to do that. 2 LE later, we were at the entrance to the site after cutting across the desert.

We didn't end up getting tickets to go into the site and see the tombs. It seems silly--traveling an hour and a half to a destination and then not going in. I was about to type a ",but" and come up with some justification but I guess, yeah, it's silly. To be fair though, that pyramid is not going to look much different no matter how close you get to it.

I'm impractically there.

On the way home, we only needed to take two buses back. I'm still not sure how that worked out.

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