Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dahab is a small town about 100 km north-east of Sharm el Sheikh, the famous Egyptian resort town on the tip of the Sinai peninsula. Dahab is like Sharm-lite, a resorty-ish area for budget travelers. It's basically one long strip of hotel after restaurant after hotel, each offering plenty of "good deals, my friend."

We spent two days enjoying the gorgeous weather and beaching. On the second afternoon we went to the Blue Hole (or as the Egyptians call it, blole.) which is known as "the world's most dangerous dive site." It has claimed many diver's lives in the past few years because of a hidden underwater tunnel that is difficult to find causing many divers to go down too deep. We stuck to snorkeling.
Mountains of Saudi Arabia

The end of a long day's work

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