Friday, May 21, 2010

Accidentally in Frankfurt

This past week, I was in America to celebrate Alec Baldwin's receiving of an honorary degree from New York University. My sister also happened to graduate from there on the same day. On my way back to Cairo, I had a connection in Frankfurt that I missed. My plane was late coming in and I took extra long going through security. My rolling luggage's handle was broken and the officers thought that the broken piece inside the bag was a weapon. After emptying my bag and doing a chemical test on it, they announced that it was safe. Great.

I was rebooked for a flight that was 12 hours later so Frankfurt was mine for the exploring! Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time there which put a damper on my adventure but I still managed to run from old building to old building and not get too wet.

St Bartholomew's Cathedral was first on my list. There were lots of very old churches in the area but this one is Frankfurt's pride. Several centuries ago, kings and emperors of the Roman empire were elected and crowned here.

The only other thing that really interested me in Frankfurt was this giant mall called My Zeil. I'm not a mall person, but according to the brochure I had, this mall had the longest escalator in the world. A bold claim but entirely possible. I went to check it out. Pretty long, but the longest in the world? I checked online. On Frankfurt's website, they revise their claim to say that is the longest free-standing (meaning support only at the ends) escalator in Europe. However, trusted source and friend of the blog, Wikipedia, says that there are several other free-standing escalators that are longer. It's ok. I still had blast riding up it.

Nice design from the outside.

The start of potentially the longest free-standing elevator in Europe.

Great view.

The end of the elevator.

Pretty. Long.

The reward at the top.

Aside from that, I saw some other old buildings and historic statues of minimal significance to me and just avoided the rain by sitting in cafes and eating. Of course, being in Frankfurt meant I had to try frankfurters. I also decided to have some German beer even though I'm not a beer guy. I figured the mango juice is better in Cairo anyway.
Germany! Is Bitburger good, Owen?

I eventually made it back to the airport and slept on the chairs til my flight. Four hours later, at 3:45 AM, I made it back to Cairo, argued with 5 cab drivers til I got a good price, and passed out at home. Frankfurt--an exhausting but ok to good detour, depending on the weather.

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