Sunday, March 14, 2010


Cairo is dirty. From all the trash that is thrown on to the streets to the dust, dirt, and animal poop (at least, I assume it's from animals), the grime is ever-present and ever-nasty. Some people venture out in sandals every day. I have seen some truly disgusting feet on the Metro.

I always go from my trusty kicks. After getting them brand new last summer, Cairo has done the dirty on them.

My shoes are so filthy, I have to wash my hands every time I tie the laces.

I decided it was time for a brand new pair of shoes, so last weekend, I went out shopping for a pair. I thought I hit the jackpot when I found a nice-looking, green (most important), cheap (only 65 Egyptian pounds ~12 bucks) pair of sneakers.

Sport's slogan is The Other Brand with the 3 Stripes.

Unfortunately, after trying to get used to them for four days, my toes and heel were reeling from blisters. My walking shoes were awful for walking. This weekend, I went back out for another try and was pleased with the results even though I failed one of my criteria. They're nice-looking (just go with me), green, but not cheap. 65 dollars doesn't feel good as 65 pounds. But my feet are much happier.

All day I dream about snot-being-in-pain-when-I-walk.

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  1. omg i had the same pair of asics in cairo (green, actually). disaster-town! hope you stay fresh and clean.