Sunday, March 21, 2010


Egypt's got an ancient rival: Greece. They both have thousands of years of history, monumentally important and influential ancient civilizations, and an infinite amount of stray dogs and cats. My friend Chris Duffy (oh nine), who is spending a year in Athens as an English teacher and blogs about his adventures over at The Daily Feta, has been graciously hosting me since Thursday, and I've been having a blast.

Friday, I made a trip to the National Archaeological Museum which houses artifacts from the Stone Age all the way til Byzantium. It's a big museum but it took me a while to find it. Luckily, as I was getting lost around the city, I found myself in front of an ahwa run by Coptic Egyptians and felt right at home. Coptic radar. I talked with one of the guys and he gave me directions to the museum and eventually, I made it in ready to soak up some history. Impressive:

What I do every morning in the mirror after I shower.

Me, Age 22.

Me, Age Never In My Life;
All Other Egyptian Men, Age 10

In the afternoon, I attended a giant festival at Chris' school called Panigyri. The show I saw was lots of middle school girls dancing to American music. Badly. In the evening, Chris and I went up to Lykavitos Hill to get a spectacular view of Athens (pictured above). Athens is nice.

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