Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rapping without a p

It's been two weeks since I've returned to Cairo and I feel great. No Pharoah's Revenge (yet), the jet lag is on its way out, and work is in full swing. While I've spent most of my off time taking it easy since arriving, Thursday night I went out to Zamalek for Egyptian rap. Someone named Princess Emmanuelle was performing at a place called Sway. Here is her description from the Facebook event:

* Princess Emmanuelle will Perform Live a set of Hip-Hop * (Egypt's Female Egyptian Raper)

How could this not be entertaining? The Princess ended up rapping for less than ten minutes over recordings of her own songs. Half of her ten minute set consisted of a diatribe about the Egyptian acting business. In the tenth minute, she apologized saying that there would be a one minute intermission. When she came back, she said that management was displeased since people were getting too chaotic. This was very strange considering the place was brought to a standstill once she started rapping since no seemed to enjoy it very much. She then said the next song would be her last of the night. The DJ played Egyptian Happy Birthday while she blew out candles for herself. And that was the end. A bizarre and awful performance but I'm sure she's a nice person...

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