Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Short Message Service

Tonight, my friend Lillie and I decided to check out the band SMS at The Culture Wheel, which is quickly becoming my second home. This time, I was not so impressed. Aside from being another dance-less concert, the music was so-so. The first half of SMS's set was basically Egyptian Lite FM. They had a soft rock feel, suitable for waiting rooms in dentist offices across the world.

The second half of the set picked up and was more musically interesting. But once the lead singer started rapping, I couldn't help but laughing. Not at her--I was happy since I rarely hear female Egyptian rappers--but at the percussionist in the background who looked like he wanted to be anywhere besides the concert. He just sat motionless during the song with his arms crossed:


The rest of the set was fairly uneventful until the last 10 minutes. At that point, the singer had the audacity to ask, "Ok, does anyone want us to repeat a particular song?" One silly audience member (of a total of maybe 15) yelled out the name of a song that they already played. And then the band played it again. Then they played another song from the set list again. And, then, when all their time was up and they were about to get kicked off stage, the singer pleaded to just play one more song--THAT THEY HAD ALREADY PLAYED. In total, they repeated 3 songs for our listening pleasure. I can't believable.

The percussionist definitely didn't want to play again. I see him leaving the band fairly soon.


  1. hahahahaha, i laughed out loud as you zoomed in on the percussionist with his arms folded. hahaha, i'm still laughing. that was fantastic.

  2. I'm waiting for your report on the apparition of St. Mary... please don't delay.