Friday, November 6, 2009

Puppet Theater (Updated! With Video)

Last night, I went back to the Culture Wheel for Umm Kulthoum Puppet Theater. It was an unusually entertaining experience for puppets pretending to play music while a recording of Umm Kulthoum played over speakers.

Real puppets.

Umm Kulthoum: Beyonce of the 50s.

The stage was very small but people packed into the room to get some puppets into their lives. The crowd was older and filled with die-hard fans. A recording of an Umm Kulthoum concert played over speakers, complete with applause from the original concert. Everyone around me sang along, some people even through flowers at the puppets, and we all clapped when the recorded audience clapped. It was slightly absurd.

And for a more authentic feel, as recommended by my friend Dina, pictures of the night in black and white:

This guy was my favorite. He was fixated on Umm Kulthoum the whole show, looking very dazed while playing the oud.

As promised, here's video from the night:

Watch how my glasses guy shakes his fist at the end. He did that after every song.

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