Thursday, October 15, 2009

People Getting Married

As I type this, there is unbelievably loud music blasting down my street. It feels like someone's yelling in my ear. I checked out what was going--street wedding!

The entire street adjacent to mine was completely blocked off. And there's a giant tarp hanging between the apartment buildings so I couldn't see what was going on til I walked past it.

No entrance

Behind the tarp is an amazing array of lights with tons of guests talking and smoking sheesha (hookah) and neighbors watching from their windows above. The street was completely taken over by a makeshift stage, tables, and merriment. I walked around taking pictures while people looked at me strangely. I wanted to say, "If you're going to keep me up til 4 am, I think I can take a few pictures." Instead, I said, "I'm American! This is new and cool!" So now, pictures for you:

And my favorite moment of the night--seeing a line of boys ogling at the belly dancer.

Up past their bedtime

I think tonight's the night I finally use my ear plugs. Good night (hopefully)!

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  1. I thought weddings were by invitation. Wedding crasher!