Friday, October 23, 2009

High Lights

Tuesday night was not a post-worthy night. But I took the picture so I might as well.

The power went out. Luckily(?), that also happened the night before so we already had candles out. However, this time, no one was home and I was hungry. I treated myself to a romantic candlelight dinner:

String beans and meat. For one.

I don't know when the power came back because after dinner I went to a church down the street to see two plays: a double feature! While they were not part of experimental theater week, they could have been. The first play was all in Modern Standard Arabic and I fell asleep midway through so I couldn't even begin to tell you what it was about. I do remember that there were actors on stage and there was some sort of conflict. The second play was in Egyptian Arabic and I understood it but it wasn't that good. The plot: A doctor ran away and got lost in a desert where only bald people lived. He falls in love with a bald woman who falls for him too and her hair returns. They go back to the village and spread their message of love and everyone's hair comes back. Brilliant.

In the past week, I have seen four plays. Three out of the four have consisted of actors yelling their lines. Plays really do reflect reality. I would say that 75% of the conversations here are yelled as well. In conclusion, if you visit me, bring Tylenol.

Also, today I saw me some history with friends. I went to Al-Muayyad Mosque and Bab Zuweila which are in a section of the city known as Islamic Cairo. (Fun fact: The rest of Cairo is just as Islamic. This part is just older.)

I don't know much about Al-Muayyad besides the fact that it's beautiful inside:

Right next to Al-Muayyad is Bab Zuweila. It was once a gate protecting Cairo from intruders. Now it is a great way to get an amazing view of Cairo.

The student price to go inside is eight pounds. I didn't have my (expired) student ID but it was ok. Good thing I still look like an 11th grader. The people inside didn't want us going in because they were closing in five minutes but we said we'd be quick. 45 minutes later, the doorman had enough of our dilly dallying and made the trek up the many stairs to yell at us to get out. Joke's on him: he couldn't yell because he was wheezing too much. His friends laughed but I did feel a little bad. But now I have great pictures!

Bab Zuweila: After hours.

The view of Al-Muayyad from Bab Zuweila

We climbed the other minaret and chilled there for a while as the sun set. Pretty.

Cairo at dusk.

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