Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sights and sounds from my room

At any given moment at my window, I may hear honking, calls to prayer, more honking, some guy on a megaphone trying to buy used items, my aunt yelling at me to eat more food, people chatting, kids playing, and honking. I had brought ear plugs with me to help me fall asleep but I haven't had a need for them. I think I'm taking to Cairo nicely.

I like my room a lot. It has lots of books and a collapsed treadmill. But what sets it apart from your room are the drawings on the wall. My cousin, who used to live in this room, liked to draw pictures,

From the Disney-oriented:

To the religious-oriented:

To the love-oriented:

And in case you’re wondering about the words beneath the picture, they are lyrics which I've copied below for your reading pleasure:

“I’ll be loving you forever, Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never, Even if you took my heart, And tore it apart, I would love you still, forever. You are the sun, You are my light, And you’re the last thing on my mind, Before I go to sleep at night, You’re always round, When I’m in need, When trouble's on my mind, You put my soul at ease, There is no one in this world, Who can love me like you do, That is the reason that I, Wanna spend forever with you”

Lyrics to what? Why, none other than “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” by New Kids on the Block. But if I had to guess, I think my cousin was probably listening to Westlife’s cover.

And finally, to the weird-oriented:

Those giant eyes watch over me as I sleep every night. Thank you, cousin.

While I'm at it, here’s the view from my window:

The guy riding on the donkey cart is the one who has the megaphone asking to purchase used goods. I had to ask my uncle what he was doing since it’s hard to understand him--not because of language but because he’s so loud that most of what he’s saying comes out as static.

Just down the street is a fruit and vegetable market. I’ve gone several times now and have been bombarded by sellers advertising their selection with catchy slogans. My favorite is from a guy who sells tomatoes. He kept screaming at me, “Hamra wa gamda! Hamra wa gamda!” which means “Red and hard! Red and hard!” My aunt ended up buying tomatoes from someone else. They were redder and harder.


  1. haha i love reading these! dont get killed in those markets!

  2. mad happy you posted pictures

    but aren't the best tomatoes soft?

  3. OMG haha i know im like a month behind on these but this is freakin hilarious... i love you doss