Friday, September 4, 2009


I am in Cairo!

I took EgyptAir over here with no problems--and we got in two hours early somehow. There was only one minor minor issue. I quickly discovered that the button for turning on my overhead reading light actually turned on the light of the seat in front of me. I pressed the button a few times to confirm my discovery which caused great confusion for the person in front of me who was desperately trying to turn off that light only to find out that she was turning the light on for the seat in front of her. Person in front of her doesn't want the light on and tries doing the same thing and makes the same discovery. Hilarity ensues. I made a deal with the person behind me: when I raise my hand, she turns on my light. Do the same thing to turn it off. In the end, I didn't even use the light since I was enraptured by Monsters vs Aliens, the in-flight movie, and promptly fell asleep afterwards. I woke up with a bad case of... EgyptHair.

I met up with my family and we ate and I slept and then we went to the local, massive mall City Stars where they had every Egyptian staple from Starbucks to Toys R Us. And probably Staples too but it was so large that I couldn't bear find out. Time to overcome jetlag.


  1. is EgyptHair similar to HappyMarkHair?

  2. ahahahhaha i shared the light story with my parents and they loved it! boy do i miss you...

  3. why don't you tell us about the important details?!?! did monsters or aliens win?!?

    I start my internship tomorrow, and I'll let you know if you are needed for fantasy hockey.

  4. i just got EgyptHair...pretty funny